Addiction Medicine

Addiction Medicine

Specialized Medical & Behavioral Management for Addictive Disorders

Dr. Rotchford has over 20 years of specialized interest in addiction medicine and is among the first physicians to be board certified in Addiction Medicine.   He is a past president of the Washington Society of Addiction Medicine and has spoken internationally on addiction medicine subjects.  He has provided CME courses to physicians related to addiction medicine.  He is passionate about helping patients access the best that addiction medicine has to offer.

Note:  Dependence is the current medical term that is equivalent to addiction.  New diagnostic labels arriving later in 2013 will use terms such as substance use disorders (SUDs).  This represents progress in our nomenclature because these "disorders" represent a broad continuum of severity and individualized care is essential for the best results.  
  • Alcohol Dependence
  • Tobacco Dependence
  • Sedative Dependence
  • Cocaine Dependence
  • Methamphetamine Dependence
  • Opioid Dependence
  • Marijuana Dependence
.   Dr. Rotchford has extensive experience and expertise in using buprenorphine for pain management and opioid addiction.
.   Antagonist (Naltrexone) Therapy for opioid dependence

His office also provides  In House Drug Testing as a High Complex Lab

For those with alcohol or methamphetamine dependence one might consider the Prometa program: PROMETA

Be sure to look under the Handouts tab for a list of addiction handouts written or compiled by Dr. Rotchford.

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