Pain Management

Dr. Rotchford's concepts regarding chronic non-cancerous pain and addiction are "cutting edge"
Alex Cahana, MD, Professor & Chief
Div. of Pain Medicine
University of Washington Medical Center

Pain Management
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   Physician Acupuncture Services

Dr. Rotchford is a seasoned pain management specialist and long standing member of the American Academy of Pain Management.   His pain management strategies  focus on improving brain and spinal cord function.   This is accomplished  through education, behavioral changes,  proper pharmaceutical care, supplements as indicated, and standard medical procedures as well as acupuncture and other "alternative" modalities.   He is accustomed to seeing patients for which his colleagues have no further suggestions regarding their pain management.   He is particularly skilled and experienced with helping patients who have been prescribed opiates chronically.

Partial list of chronic painful conditions treated:

Neuropathic Pain
Chronic neck or back pain
Failed back surgery
Regional Pain Syndromes (Formerly Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

Pelvic Pain
Bladder pain

The above can only be a partial list so if there is a condition or service in which you are interested which you do not find listed, please inquire.

Chronic Non-Cancerous Pain is a disease in and of itself.  Dr. Rotchford specializes in this disease.  For more information please review the handouts related to pain management  on the tab related to Handouts -  Some helpful documents and links are available including a talk on chronic pain as a disease.

Access to specialized services in Pain Management are sorely lacking.   Consider writing a letter.

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